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Hi, I’m Cecilia, and I have a very discerning vagina.

Not something you hear often, is it? But it’s true: for over 15 years, I’ve been testing sex toys and writing about them on the internet. Highly trusted and well-known for my snarky yet authentic sex toy reviews, I’ve been called “the Samantha Bee of our nether regions.” Welcome to Hey Epiphora, where the lube flows like wine, the G-spot isn’t a mystery, and masturbation sessions frequently end with me wondering, “did humans even test this?!”

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Top 7 tips on male masturbation

With masturbation, you can bring your fantasies to life in a healthy and natural way. If you know the right masturbation tips, then you know how to feel good during a solo session and with others. Giving yourself pleasure has many benefits: you feel less stressed, you’re in a better mood, you sleep better and you can sometimes take off all the way to seventh heaven. So to speak. Want

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The Male Orgasm: A Guide to Pleasure and Satisfaction

The male orgasm is the pinnacle of male sexual pleasure and fulfillment. It is an intensely pleasurable sensation that accompanies ejaculation and is associated with the release of accumulated sexual arousal. During a male orgasm, there is a rhythmic contraction of the genital muscles, which is often considered very pleasurable. But what if you don’t have a permanent partner? Have erotic toys and love balls evolved to the point where

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What does PAWG mean? The secret of the big ass!

In the world of internet, one often comes across confusing abbreviations and slang terms. One such term is undoubtedly PAWG Ass , which stands for ” Phat Ass White Girl” or ” Massive White Girl Butt”. Now you may be wondering why those huge asses are so popular? Is it just a fad or is there another reason? Let’s discover this erotic and sexy secret together! Table of Contents –

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First-class private hygiene for optimal comfort!

Good intimate and sexual hygiene is vital to avoid bacterial growth and certain inconveniences. It’s not always easy to maintain the right response when you’re in the mood, but certain hygiene practices will make your daily life and health much easier. So what are the proper intimate hygiene positions before and after sex? What preparation is needed for sodomy and anal sex? How do you properly clean your sex toys?

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Let’s discover male pleasure together

Male pleasure is not necessarily limited to ejaculation, and contrary to popular belief, it is more than just mechanical! In fact, we often know very little about male pleasure. Are you looking for new ways to make male masturbation more fun? Do you want to know how to get a man to the ninth heaven? Learn everything you need to know about these men’s libidos from the best sex toys for men

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Man or woman, enjoy anal orgasms!

The practice of anal sex is a recurring fantasy for many men, but it is also appreciated by some women. Contrary to popular belief, anal sex is not limited to gay couples. If this sexual act is still surrounded by taboos and apprehensions, it can still allow you to discover new, unexpected and very intense sensations. In fact, the anus is a common sensual zone for both sexes that deserves

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